In a recent article by David Creelman, Gene talks about the formulation of “the most important question” about teams. He presumes that teams have a well-defined business deliverable. We are not dealing with a vague notion of “effective teams,” we’re dealing with a team that is meant to do something specific like get a new CRM up and running or reduce defects by 30% or open a sales office in Chennai.

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Research shows nearly 70% of all strategic initiatives fail in the first year. And a great deal of it comes from the lack of execution. Pearl PHS is a cloud-based predictive analytics company that helps merge this gap. CEO & Founder Gene Tange joins us to discuss more of how Pearl PHS’s services help predict project success.

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The Great Divide is the gap between the desires of senior line leadership to get ahead of and drive superior business outcomes and their belief that HR is unable to provide meaningful solutions to their critical needs. Recently, that gap has driven senior thought leaders to write high profile articles ….

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As more organizations realize that decisions can be best made after gleaning “actionable insights” from the information within their internal databases, external market research and social media, more middle-level managers will be under the gun to build their big data analytical skills….

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Former LinkedIn company V.P. becomes Board Advisor for PearlHPS. “I am excited to be involved with PearlHPS,” said Cadigan. “After reviewing this bleeding edge predictive analytics software, I realized we could be looking at the next generation of tools that become the game changer for those who have responsibility for future growth in the business. This is pure gold and could be as big as the foundation of the cloud itself…”

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So what is Change Adaptability Index? Change Adaptability Index is a very fast quantification of your own and the target company’s culture with a different eye. It asks the question, on a scale of 1-10 with 10 being high, how flexible is the target company’s culture and how capable is their leadership in facilitating major change?

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