Pearl Predict Platform: Execution Analytics

You are challenged to achieve future business commitments. There is high risk, incomplete data, and no forward visibility.

How can you predict and drive the execution of key business results (financial and operational) up to 12 months out with certainty? Or, will you rely on intuition, past experience, or old data to make these critical decisions?

Overcoming this challenge without new insights is like aiming at a target while blindfolded – until now.

Pearl Predict®, a new class of business intelligence/predictive analytics, can help you predict and achieve high performance business outcomes (operational and financial) with great accuracy up to one year out. This solution is the result of over 12,000 hours of research studying high performance companies that achieve year-over-year stellar results.

Our research showed that teams, not individuals, achieve complex outcomes and business results. Along with this, the research uncovered 3 key, missing variables driving execution: Team Leadership Capability, Team Goal Load and Team Continuity. As we did further analysis around these variables and combined them, we discovered the critical connections between teams and future business outcomes. Thus, a new class of predictive analytics was born called “Execution Analytics®.”

What are Execution Analytics?

Most companies have been using market analytics (i.e., customers, products, sales) and financial analytics (i.e. budget, performance, pricing) for years. Billions of dollars a year are spent on these systems to gain insight. Execution Analytics are the real-time predictive measures of functional, cross-functional and virtual teams predicting business outcomes. It’s the missing link in accurately predicting business outcomes 12 months out.

Why Pearl Predict is Critical?

  • In a recent Gartner report, “Seventy percent of high-performing companies will manage their business processes using real-time predictive analytics or extreme collaboration by 2016.”
  • In 2013, publicly traded acquisitions will account for almost $2 trillion in deal value. However, only 30% will achieve their first year financial targets.
  • Corporate transformations and growth initiatives will be initiated by a significant percentage of the Global 2000. John Kotter, PhD,  renowned author and researcher, says “70 percent will fail as a result of poor execution”.
  • Senior line leaders are looking for solutions from HR that predict and drive successful business outcomes through teams.
  • HR executives are trying to find solutions that tie vast investments they have in place to the bottom line. (see WFP article)

Uses of Pearl Predict

  • Acquisitions – pre and post
  • Corporate transformations – lean, restructuring
  • Turnarounds
  • High growth environments -new division/product launches
  • Human Resource strategy/programs that are disconnected to operational/financial results