Mergers and Aquisitions

mergers-aquisitionsContemplating a strategic acquisition? In 2013, it is estimated that publicly traded acquisitions will increase to $2 trillion in value. Risky? Yes, few business initiatives present the same level of risk and uncertainty. Research shows 70 percent fail in the first year!

You are passionate about the deal and believe you have a sound vision and strategy. However, a few years later the company faces a write down for underperforming assets. Why?

To increase the chances of your deal’s success, you need the right tools to predict and avoid the risks. So what can you do to avoid being one of the statistics?

Pearl Predict Mergers® and Acquisition (M & A) Stealth and Integration

Pearl Predict Mergers and Acquisition (M & A) Stealth and Integration will assure your success. Research-based, Pearl Predict relies on newly discovered Execution Analytics® (EA) to accurately predict deal success before it is inked. On a post deal integration basis, Pearl Predict utilizing these same breakthrough analytics keeps your deal on track to achieve the financial and operational objectives that you committed to a year earlier.

With a new class of predictive analytics called EA, you are provided great forward visibility. It is like driving a high performance car with unique forward-looking radar. You can see the road ahead, drive faster and avoid the potholes in the road.

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