Corporate Transformation and Growth

Gartner, in a 2013 report indicated, “By 2016 70% of the most profitable companies will be using Predictive Analytics to make their most complex decisions”.

Corporate Transformation and Growth

Driving Lean, Agile, or a major change in your company? These activities have a common thread – they all require teams, both functional and cross-functional, to achieve successful outcomes.

But how do you know today whether these teams will achieve the goals that sometimes take a year to realize?

Right now, leaders use their experience, intuition, and whatever tools they have available to make an educated guess.

And the results? HBR in a recent study revealed that 70% of strategic initiatives fail during execution.

However, in a 12,000 hour research effort conducted by PearlHPS, high performing organizations achieved dramatically greater success.


Our research shows high performing companies are using a new class of predictive analytics, known as Execution Analytics® (EA), to achieve these results today. EA precisely measures the variables of teams tied to future business outcomes. They answer the question, how do I know my teams will achieve the outcomes I need to drive, financial and or operational success?

EA is a measurement of three key variables of teams and when viewed together paint a clear picture of a team’s success probability, gap, and path to increase future results. Enabled with this capability, you can see how high performance firms stay ahead of their competition and achieve year over year top quartile financial results.

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