New Product Launch


  • A $4B technology firm was launching a new advanced $1B/year product
    The R&D function turned the advanced development over to the GM of Commericalization
  • The GM of Commericalization had 16 teams working on this with a master schedule and tight timelines.
  • Time was of the essence since staying ahead of the competition was tied to a market window. The overall effort was off schedule by several weeks
  • PearlHPS was selected to identify opportunities to improve cycle time of this effort


  • Pearl Predict software was deployed in 2 weeks
  • When looking at the 16 teams and the 3 variables an interesting picture was revealed
  • All 16 teams started with high Team leadership capability ,over the 35% minimum threshold
  • When looking at the other two variables, Team Continuity and Team Goal Load 7 of the 16 teams dropped below the minimum threshold
  • Leadership couldn’t see these teams were being crushed by the Goal Load
  • Also some of the 7 had rotational members which further compounded success


  • In 4 months the Commercialization cycle time went from behind schedule to ahead of schedule by 19.2% worth $150M in early release revenue
  • When the leadership saw the analytics they intervened and reduced the number of goals (goal load) to an optimum level
  • They secured agreements from key functional leaders to reduce rotational activity which stabilized a high Team Leadership Capability
  • Pearl Predict was utilized as a monitoring system for all 16 teams for the remainder of the project