Driving High Growth


  • A Division of a Most Admired company had an opportunity to drive growth and profitability 5X in a 2yr period.
  • The Corporate Leadership team enabled this effort with capital for plant and equipment transformation.
  • They also insisted this should be done with the same employee population in a High Performance design.
  • Time was of the essence since the growth was tied to a market window
  • PearlHPS was selected to assess the current state, predict the changes needed and operate as a management tool to measure and report progress integrated with financial and operational reporting


  • A PearlHPS software was deployed in 1 week.
  • A clear gap analysis provided a road map to achieve the changes necessary to achieve operational goals and financial targets.
  • In the first 6 months the division improved its talent moving from 12% HIGH Talent to 25% High Talent. In the next 6 months High Talent improved to 37% and finally achieved 40%
  • As a result of the increase in team leadership capability, concurrently organizational leverage was implemented increasing the spans of control
  • Transparency through active communications translated into speed and nimbleness


  • Growth from $20M to $110M in 16months, $20M to $55M in the first 6Mo, $75M in the second 6months, $110M in 16 months
  • 5 less headcount than the starting population
  • 4 levels of leadership to 2
  • From bottom quartile operational performance: scrap, rework, average run time to the top quartile in the same metrics.
  • Self Directed work teams were implemented throughout the organization.
  • Employee satisfaction scores soared.