CEO Critical Business Decision


  • SVMI, a innovative R&D company produced a break through in the medical imaging space with a $1B opportunity.
  • FDA approval was received and the next phase of growth, commercialization was ahead.
  • The CEO, Tom Moore, an entrepreneur, wanted to build out the organization and achieve market success.
  • He had a question in the back of his mind about the challenge since he would be rolling the dice for the whole company by moving ahead versus looking at other options.
  • A Board member introduced PearlHPS to Tom.


  • A PearlHPS quick deployment was completed in 1 week.
  • The CEO, CFO and a Board member were certified over a weekend and completed the software the following week.
  • The senior leaders of the existing organization were assessed using the proprietary “execution analytics” software platform.
  • The software painted a clear picture regarding the current state, gap and path to success.


  • The CEO presented the study to the Board. The Board reviewed the analysis. Called in the CFO who participated in the study then went into private caucus.
  • 4 months later SVMI sold itself to a global company with commercialization resources for 28X multiple. The CEO became the division president with a significant payday and all the investors were rewarded for their investment in SVMI.
  • Tom, the CEO, shared Pearl Predict provided a view he could not see any other way. “It presented a view of the future today so I could weigh risks appropriately”